Alfa Romeo 4C safety car at Assen 2015

Starting at the Ace Café in London, the 430 mile 'biker pilgrimage' saw Chris and the 4C head to Dover to catch the ferry to Dunkirk, before making their way through France and into Holland. During the eight hour drive, the former WSB race winner put the stunning 240hp carbon-fibre super car through its paces, and arrived with time to spare before the iconic Assen round began.  The Assen track is especially memorable for Chris as he secured his maiden Superbike World Championship race win there in 2006.  Now he also has the memory of driving the incredible Alfa Romeo 4C to Assen tweeting “The beautiful @AlfaRomeoUK 4C arriving safely @ttcircuitassen. Mega road trip, amazing car.”

17 April 2015