The Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN team’s development session with the new Giulia GTA

Click here to see Kimi Räikkönen’s and Antonio Giovinazzi’s development session with the new Giulia GTA and GTAm. Watch the full video


A very special development session

Kimi Räikkönen and Antonio Giovinazzi participated in a development session with Alfa Romeo’s new GTA and GTAm at the famous Balocco Proving Ground, where all Alfa Romeo sports cars have been perfected since the 1960s. The track allowed the F1 drivers to conduct a drive, pushing the cars to the limit and providing real time feedback.


F1 know-how working on the GTA project

The two Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN drivers worked closely with the engineers, focusing on specific technical suggestions to optimize aerodynamics and handling. Giovinazzi offered tips on the car’s setup, paying special attention to the new components in carbon fiber and the new technical solutions. Räikkönen, on the other hand, worked with the aerodynamics department, examining the overall balance guaranteed by the new components, the extractor and the underbody fairing.


The priceless technical know-how of Sauber Engineering

Sauber boasts 50 years of experience in motorsport, having thus accumulated invaluable experience in the design and use of carbon, as well as in-depth know-how on aerodynamics. The benefits of this collaboration range from engineering, rapid prototyping and finally production. For this reason, Alfa Romeo entrusts Sauber with the production of most of the carbon components in the GTA and GTAm, especially those that affect the aerodynamic impact, which have been created using the research done in the Swiss’ brand wind tunnel.