Jim Hughes: ‘Alfa Romeos drive like nothing else: steering feels light and fast, allowing for minimal input, and allows you to dance through corners.’

Jimmy is a self described avid Alfisti and a big fan of Italian culture in general. If he isn’t out driving or at a "car meet" with other like-minded car enthusiasts, then you can find him at home, making some homemade ravioli and enjoying a glass of wine. He currently owns a '72 Giulia 1600 Super, which he is in the process of restoring and cannot wait to get back. You can follow his story (and hers) on Instagram, under the handle @jimmyhughes_.

Do you currently own an Alfa? If so, what do you have?​

A Giulia Super 1600 1972


What is your most memorable Alfa experience?​

I've had many wonderful Alfa experiences, but the first one that comes to mind is the day my step-dad brought home his new 164 cloverleaf. I was a little unsure at first, but then he took me out for a drive and I've never really looked back since.​


If you could have any Alfa, what would it be?​

33 Stradale​


What was your first Alfa?​

147 GTA ​


What is your favourite Alfa?​

My current Giulia. Since picking it up last year I've covered nearly 6000 miles in it and met lots of new people, and I have lots more planned (including a trip to Italy in the new year). It's a car that has become part of the family, and I don't think I'll ever sell it.​


Why is Alfa special to you?​

Simply put, they drive like nothing else: steering feels light and fast, allowing for minimal input, and allows you to dance through corners. It's probably the thing that brings me back to Alfa every time – that, and of course the way they look. Bellissima!!​


Which drive holds the most special memory and why?​

Every drive in an Alfa is special, but my most special memory has to be the drive home from picking up my '72 Giulia from Ian Ellis's Alfa shop in Sussex. I've wanted to experience a classic Alfa for so long, and that drive back confirmed just how good these cars are - the smell of old leather and a hint of petrol had me grinning from ear to ear.​


What is your favourite story involving an Alfa?​

Driving through the stunning countryside of Provence, South of France, in my Brera S listening to Matt Monroe 'Days like these', having just got engaged to my now beautiful wife in the most idyllic restaurant.​


How do you care for your Alfa, any tips to share?​

I'm not really one for garage queens - I believe the best way to look after your car is to get out and enjoy it, but a regular service is always helpful.​