About Leasys.

The leasing partner of Alfa Romeo


Leasys is the Business Contract Hire partner of Alfa Romeo and provides a range of mobility solutions encompassing medium and long-term rentals, along with comprehensive management systems for corporate fleets. This commitment ensures efficient, rational, safe, and sustainable mobility.

With an initial fleet management of 850,000 vehicles, Leasys ensures swift vehicle delivery, ensuring the continued mobility of Alfa Romeo customers. The dedicated focus on customers allows us to offer tailored solutions for an exceptional, best-in-class experience.

Why Leasys

  • A team of skilled experts is available to assist with all areas of your Business Contract Hire agreement.

  • As the chosen Business Contract Hire partner of Alfa Romeo, Leasys collaborates with our retailer network to facilitate prompt vehicle delivery, ensuring the continuous mobility of your business.

  • The emphasis on customer-focused mobility solutions is designed to provide an unparalleled and best-in-class experience.

Standard Services

  • DRIVER LINE – A dedicated and single point of contact accessible to drivers 24/7. 

  • ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE - Comprehensive UK and European roadside assistance guarantees swift help whenever necessary. 

  • ROAD FUND LICENCE – Road tax is seamlessly integrated into all contracts, ensuring a hassle-free motoring experience. 

Additional Services

SERVICE, MAINTENANCE & TYRES  - Opt for Leasys Maintenance Package. It covers all scheduled servicing, engine, transmission, suspension, and electrical repairs.

Features & Benefits:

  • Increased Support - Experience hassle-free motoring with a fully maintained vehicle. Access our recharge facility for assistance with damaged tyres. 
  • Reduces downtime - Simplify bookings through Leasys Driver Line or the Online Maintenance Booking platform, minimising vehicle downtime. 
  • Safety - Leasys Maintenance adheres to Alfa Romeo's specifications, and premium tyres are fitted as standard, ensuring safety. 
  • Flexibility - A weekend or mobile fit option for tyres is available. 
  • Fixed costs - Costs are fixed with inflation proof pricing for the length of your contract.

Additional Services

WINDSCREEN & GLASS SERVICE - Delivered through a Leasys-designated third party, National Windscreens, it offers convenient access to reliable repair and replacement services at negotiated rates.

Features & Benefits:

  • Enhanced Efficiency - Streamline the process and time involved in managing glass repair or replacement. 
  • Driver Line 24/7 – A dedicated single point of contact is available around the clock, providing peace of mind. 
  • Keep your drivers safe - For vehicles equipped with ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) technology, a comprehensive calibration service is available. 
  • Guaranteed Protection - All performed glass repairs and replacements come with a lifetime workmanship guarantee. 
  • Avoid additional costs - National Windscreen will consider repair as the first option.