New Alfa Romeo Milano: history in a name

Now it’s official. Milano will be the name of the first Alfa Romeo Sport Urban Vehicle .A name that means a lot to Alfa Romeo and its glorious past: not only is it a clear reference to the city of Milan -international capital of design and powerful symbol of innovation -but also a special tribute to the roots and legacy of the Brand.

The vibrant metropolis that gave birth to the DNA of Alfa Romeo 113 years ago becomes the protagonist of an exciting and daring new chapter in its history. Milan represents both the destination of a spectacular journey and the dawn of a thrilling tomorrow. It is the place where the ambitious vision of Alfa Romeo will come true, taking another step on the road to reinterpreting sportiness for the 21st century.

The Alfa Romeo Milano (now known as Junior) will be unveiled in Milan in April 2024. Don’t miss out.