Alfa Romeo steps into the era of advanced hybrid technology.

New Tonale


Effortlessly charge your Alfa Romeo from the comfort of your own home with a range of options to choose from. Our standard Mode 2 cable allows your to charge your Tonale Plug-in Hybrid overnight, with a full charge in under 6.5 hours. Or, for even faster charging, a 7KW wall box from one of our preferred suppliers, will charge your vehicle in under 2.5 hours.


Using public charging stations is becoming increasingly accessible as the charging network is expanding constantly. The battery pack can get to a full charge in only 2.5 hours.


With the My Alfa Connect App you get access to connected services for your Alfa Romeo. You can plan your journey, consider the reachable range of your location as well as find your nearest charging station.




* For all new vehicles ordered starting from 1st of May 2023, My Assistant will be included in Connect ONE pack, the price of which is included in the vehicle price. My Remote, My Car, My Navigation and My eCharge will become Connect PLUS, that needs a specific Customers subscription. Connect PLUS is available at no additional cost for the first 6 months starting from the warranty start date. My Alert and My Wi-Fi will not change.

The images shown are for illustrative purposes only. The colours and details shown may differ when the vehicle is available due to technical and/or production and/or commercial reasons. Some images may include accessories and/or equipment that is not standard on all models and will be subject to additional payment when the vehicle becomes available.

Fuel consumption Alfa Romeo Tonale Hybrid MHEV range (l/100 km): 6,3-5,6; CO₂ emission (g/km): 144 -127. Type approval values determined on the basis of the WLTP combined cycle, homologated as of 26.05.2022. The values indicated are for comparative purposes.

Fuel combined consumption Tonale Plug-in Hybrid Q4 range (l/100 km): 1,4 – 1,1; combined energy consumption (kWh/100km): 18,7 – 16,8; CO₂ emission (g/km): 33-26. Type approval values are determined on the basis of the WLTP combined cycle, homologated as of 4.11.2022. The values indicated are for comparative purposes.