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Petrol 280 HP
Petrol 280 HP
Diesel 210 HP
Plug-in Hybrid 280 HP
Mild Hybrid 160 HP


The Alfa Romeo Tributo Italiano series epitomizes modern Italian style and design. Each detail highlights dynamic elegance, offering a vibrant reflection of Italy's passion.


Embrace a renewed sense of driving excitement with the Stelvio Tributo Italiano. This special edition represents the thrill and precision inherent in Alfa Romeo's DNA. With its responsive handling and engaging performance, it offers an immersive driving experience that appeals directly to true enthusiasts.

The black contrast on the special series Stelvio Tributo Italiano's roof links timeless design with modern sophistication.

Stelvio Tributo Italiano's special edition includes mirror caps with a miniature Italian flag detail. This detail underscores Alfa Romeo's bond with contemporary Italian style and identity.

21” Alloy wheels with red calipers, accentuate Stelvio Tributo Italiano's sporty elegance. 

Stelvio's leather headrest is enriched with an embroidered logo, a small Italian flag, and the "Tributo Italiano" script. 

Red stitching on the dashboard and door panel provides a unique accent to Stelvio Tributo Italiano’s interior.

The Stelvio Tributo Italiano's active suspension system enhances road handling, ensuring a drive that's agile, responsive and smooth, regardless of the terrain.


This Alfa Romeo special edition reflects Italian style and personality with its sleek, sport-inspired lines.

Giulia Tributo Italiano sports a completely black roof that contrasts the vehicle's body.

The Giulia Tributo Italiano features mirror caps with with a miniature Italian flag detail on the mirror caps, a small yet distinct touch that emphasizes the vehicle's Italian identity.

19” wheels with red calipers enhance Alfa Romeo's special series Giulia Tributo Italiano, highlighting its blend of sportiness and edgy style.

The Giulia Tributo Italiano features sporty leather seats, with perforated central panels revealing a subtle red hue, a unique touch that underscores the vehicle's distinctiveness and Italian style.

Giulia's front headrests feature a richly embroidered emblem, the Italian flag and 'Tributo Italiano' script, adding a touch of elegance and identity to the interior.

Red stitching on the dashboard and door panel adds a subtle yet distinct touch to the Giulia Tributo Italiano’s interior. 

The Giulia Tributo Italiano's active suspension system enhances road handling, delivering a drive that's not only dynamic and responsive but also comfortable.


Embracing Alfa Romeo's passion for driving, the Tonale Tributo Italiano is crafted for those who cherish the drive. Its distinctive style, unique details, and aggressive look converge to celebrate the pure pleasure of the journey, sportiness and efficient performance.

The distinctiveness of Tonale Tributo Italiano is enhanced by a body-color kit and black  details. Its exclusive exterior features iconic LED matrix headlights and bold red Brembo brake calipers, highlighting Alfa Romeo's commitment to style, performance, and Italian design.

The special series Tonale Tributo Italiano stands out with its contrasting black roof, distinguishing it from the body's color and emphasizing the vehicle's sleek design and modern lines.

Tonale Tributo Italiano sports a miniature Italian flag detail on the mirror caps, a simple nod to Alfa Romeo's deep roots.

20” alloy wheels with red calipers emphasize the sporty look of the Tonale Tributo Italiano, a special edition from Alfa Romeo.

Tonale's leather headrest is enriched with an embroidered logo, a small Italian flag, and the "Tributo Italiano" script. 

The red stitching on the dashboard and door panel brings a subtle but distinct accent to the special series Tonale Tributo Italiano’s interior.

The Tonale Tributo Italiano features a unique carbon design for its ambient lighting, enhancing the interior's modern appeal.

Alfa Connect Services


Connected to the world, wherever you want to go. The special series Alfa Romeo Tributo Italiano enters the era of advanced connectivity with a wide array of technologies and state-of- the-art systems and essential daily applications (Connect one, Connect plus, My alert, My Wi-Fi and My Entertainment) to take full advantage of your services.


Fuel economy and CO2 results for the Alfa Romeo Giulia Tributo Italiano. Combined mpg (l/100km): 37.7 (7.5) to 38.2 (7.4). CO2 emissions: 167 – 169 g/km

Fuel economy and CO2 results for the Alfa Romeo StelvioTributo Italiano. Combined mpg (l/100km): 31.7 (8.9) to 44.1 ( 6.4 ). CO2 emissions: 166 – 201 g/km

Fuel economy and CO2 results for the Alfa Romeo Tonale Hybrid Tributo Italiano . Combined mpg (l/100km): 48.7 (5.8) to 48.7 (5.8). CO2 emissions: 131 - 131 g/km

Fuel economy and CO2 results for the Alfa Romeo Tonale Plug-in Hybrid Tributo Italiano . Combined mpg (l/100km): 201.8 (1.4) to 201.8 (1.4). CO2 emissions: 32 to 33 g/km. Electric range: up to 38.5 miles. (WLTP - EAER)

The fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and range figures mentioned comply with the WLTP test procedure, on the basis of which new vehicles are type approved from 1 September 2018. This WLTP procedure replaces the European drive cycle (NEDC), which was the test procedure used previously. Due to more realistic test conditions, the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions measured under the WLTP are, in many cases, higher compared to those measured under the NEDC. The fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and range figures may vary depending on actual conditions of use and on different factors such as: charging frequency, driving style, speed, specific equipment, options, class of tyres, outside temperature and thermal comfort on board the vehicle. Please contact your Alfa Romeo Retailer for further information.